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Job Cuts Loom for City of Detroit

The City of Detroit has been looking to reduce its budget for most of the year.  The momentum for job cuts has been gaining traction

Postal Service Cuts Put on Hold

The US Postal Service has put planned facility cuts on hold as Congress looks to get additional funding in place. The cuts would have slowed

Real Unemployment Closer to 11 Percent

We’ve helped explain to our readers the difference between the typically advertised unemployment rate which is officially called the U-3 rate.  We’ve also explained U-6

Smart Bus Cuts Take Effect Today

The SMART bus system officially had $12 million budget cuts today.  The biggest things affected are the route schedule and loss of 120 jobs in

General Motors Layoffs

General Motors has been quietly cutting staff at its headquarters in Detroit. CEO Akerson saind in a June Detroit News interview that  “Literally, we have

US Army Cuts 8700 jobs

Today the US Army is cutting 8,700 jobs through a mix of strategies like early retirement, attrition and buyouts.  The cuts affect workers in 37

Citigroup to slash 4,500 jobs

Citigroup announced it would cut 4,500 jobs or 1.5% of its global workforce.  This follows on the heels of previous bank headcount reductions at UBS