UIA Open Letter Regarding Extended Benefits in Michigan

Below is a letter that should have been emailed out to everyone that is in the UIA system in Michigan regarding Emergency Benefits for MARVIN.

Dear Claimant:
Federally-Funded Extended Benefits Extended Through March 10

Congress has approved and President Obama has signed a two-month extension for federally-funded unemployment benefits. As of result of the new legislation, the Extended Benefit (EB) program in Michigan will expire with the week ending March 10, 2012.   Additionally, the EUC program will cease accepting applications beginning as of that same date.
EB Claimants should continue to report by using MARVIN Online<http://www.michigan.gov/uia-cwam>, or by calling MARVIN at 1-866-638-3993. The EB program, which began in January 2009, had been paying up to 20 weeks of federally-funded unemployment benefits in Michigan to those who exhausted their state and EUC benefits. The Agency has begun notifying those in the Extended Benefit program that the expiration has been extended to the week ending March 10, 2012.
The federally-funded EUC program and its four tiers provide up to 53 weeks of unemployment benefits to jobless workers who deplete their state unemployment benefits.   Eligibility dates for each tier of EUC are listed below:

UI Federal Claims

Maximum Weeks of Benefits Provided

Eligibility Deadline for Starting This Type of UI Claim

1st Tier of Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Pays up to 20 weeks of EUC benefits to those who exhaust their state unemployment benefits.

March 3, 2012

2nd Tier of Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Pays up to 14 weeks of EUC to those exhausting Tier I.

March 10, 2012

3rd Tier of Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Pays up to 13 weeks of EUC to those exhausting Tier II.

March 10, 2012

4th Tier of Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Pays up to 6 weeks of benefits of EUC to those exhausting Tier III.

March 10, 2012

There are several ways for unemployed workers to check the balance on their claims. Claimants who have online Claim Web Accounts can go to their web account and see how many weeks they have remaining. Claimants can also call the MARVIN system at 1-866-638-3993 and Press Option 2. Individuals who want to register for an online web account can access the portal by visiting www.michigan.gov/uia and then selecting the link “UIA Online Services for Unemployed Workers.”

The expiration of the federally-funded programs will not affect the state’s unemployment benefit program, which will continue to provide up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits to those who are newly unemployed and meet the program’s eligibility requirements.  Those who are newly unemployed as of January 15, 2012, and meet the program’s eligibility requirements will be eligible for up to 20 weeks of state unemployment benefits.
The Agency has also established a toll-free number (1-866-MI-HELPS) for people to call for pre-recorded information about the extension programs.
Individuals nearing the end of their unemployment benefits may also visit the state’s Helping Hand website (www.michigan.gov/helping hand<http://www.michigan.gov/helpinghand>) for information about family support, housing, health care, jobs and training, and other services.  People can also go online to apply for food assistance and to determine if they may be eligible for certain types of public assistance.
Although unemployment benefits through the EB program will expire the week ending March 10, 2012, a printable resource guide is available on our website (www.michigan.gov/uia<http://www.michigan.gov/uia>). The Reference Guide:  Services for Unemployed Workers lists state and community services that help with job assistance, general assistance, health and insurance, prescriptions, mortgage foreclosures, utilities and utility shutoffs.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. ANY CONTACT MUST BE MADE USING ONE OF THE METHODS INDICATED IN THIS EMAIL (Use the Submit Your Inquiries feature in the UIA Claim Portal or call Customer Support at 1-866-500-0017.)


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