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Masco Corporation HQ layoff

Masco Corporation is cutting 40% of the headquarters staff or about 140 workers from it’s Taylor Michigan site. Detroit News

jose to joe to get a job

Maybe your name is holding you back

José’ dropped the S from his name and noticed that Joe got many more job interviews than his real name. However our slight judgement here

Research Your Next Employer

Desperate times call for desperate measures but sitting down and sending out resumes to every job posting is a bad idea. If you have ever

Fast Food FightFor15 Strike in Detroit

Fast food workers have walked out of their jobs today to demand higher wages: #FightFor15 — VICE News (@vicenews) September 4, 2014 Detroit

Michigan Minimum Wage increase

Just in case you missed it over the long weekend the minimum wage in the State of Michigan increased from $7.40 to $8.15 an hour