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Fast Food FightFor15 Strike in Detroit

Fast food workers have walked out of their jobs today to demand higher wages: #FightFor15 — VICE News (@vicenews) September 4, 2014 Detroit

Michigan Minimum Wage increase

Just in case you missed it over the long weekend the minimum wage in the State of Michigan increased from $7.40 to $8.15 an hour

Gigwalk jobs

There doesn’t seem to be shortage of ways for business to create new ways to use temporary workers.  Gigwalk is another such company. Checkout the

Quit Your Job App

This is a little dated at this point but like all web coinsures I was digging through some old bookmarks of items I saved across

Where are the workers?

It’s not been a completely hidden effect of the Great Recession that the workforce has not recovered a healthy amount of jobs.  Bloomberg Businessweek takes