Happy 11th Birthday to End of the Great Recession

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) announced that The Great Recession had officially ended in June of 2009.

All of 11 years later we found an epic way to utterly shred the worst records for employment created by the Great Recession by creating the COVID-19 Recession. This year in 2020 the NBER was able to give the USA the update that we are now in a new recession starting around February, 2020.


Gasoline is around 30 year lows per gallon even as states have increased their gasoline taxes.

Garbage Pile

Unemployment rate is on pace for 20% which would be the highest since the Great Depression which was based on estimates.

Same ol’ same ol’

The US Postal Service is still 11 years later hovering around bankruptcy.

We’re going to celebrate the end of the Great Recession with some fun facts.

One year after the “end” of the Great Recession this stellar website was launched in 2010.

In the Second Year birthday of the “non-recession” the economy was still a giant pile of crap for most Americans.