Use Yotta Online Banking to Increase Your Savings

Yotta Online Banking Increases your Savings with Higher Interest rates

Online banking has been a safe way to bank in the United States since before the Great Recession, these banks typically offer eye popping interest rates for savings accounts because they are almost exclusively online. Unlike bigger banks like say Bank of America, Chase, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank among the biggest of the big boys who have thousands of brick and mortar banking locations, and tens of thousands of ATM’s across the country online banks have typically zero of these.

In return for being light on expensive buildings, and ATM’s the interest rates offered are much higher.

One of the newest on the block is Yotta and they are offering an exciting way to save money by gamifying the experience with a free weekly lotto ticket system.

This lotto ticket system can give an effective saving rate much higher than your bank or credit union, and every 9:00 PM Eastern time you get to participate in the lotto drawing.

How does Yotta Work?

how yotta works

Weekly lottery for your tickets

The lotto ticket system is pretty cool and we are speaking as someone who does not typically play the lottery. You can pick each of your tickets, or you could let Yotta make the picks for you automatically, which honestly has been what we have done for most of these outside of our initial first week.

Or lets say that you have a set of special numbers that you’d essentially always play, you can set up preferred tickets that will always be played provided you have the correct account balance to participate in that weeks drawing.

Yotta Lucky Tickets

What does the Yotta Lottery ticket process look like?

You pick, or let Yotta pick your numbers for the entire week. Every night at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time they do the drawing for that nights numbers.

Sunday is the YottaBall which is what unlocks the bigger cash prizes, sort of like the PowerBall lottery systems.

One of our winning tickets is below the red numbers are the Sunday YottaBall and just matching this number without any other numbers is worth $0.10 each time you match the YottaBall. If you match two regular numbers and YottaBall you’ll get $0.60. While it is not get rich quick money, it will be paying an effective saving rate that is far above the national average as we’ll show you below.

If you have a ton of tickets you will get a big scroll result like this one.


Account Set up

Overall the set up of the app, and being able to connect with your current financial institution was all pretty easy. They use the Plaid system which is a Visa company, so you know it is reputable, and secure.

How can I get more Yotta Tickets?

Save more money at Yotta and referrals would be the easiest ways to get more weekly tickets for prizes.

.save for more yotta tickets

How much should I put in my Yotta Account?

We figure that if you find yourself lucky with some spare stimulus cash, that you are putting towards savings this would be a great place to stash your funds with a chance to make higher than average return, and a true lottery chance at big prizes. If you have more money laying around than you know what to do with, and can wait a day or two to access it more readily at a physical bank then by all means drop in more money for that chance at the bigger lotto ticket prizes.

How much does Yotta cost me?

Yotta is 100% free to use. There are no fees, no minimums, and no surprises.

How Much can I earn with Yotta?

It really depends on how many tickets you get, which is primarily from how much money you are able to save and deposit into Yotta. Below is our realistic performance with zero referral credits, and starting with a $1,000 deposit. We turned on a monthly deposit of $25 get some additional tickets and this was our three month results:

actual yotta performance

While they started earlier this year as a savings targeted bank, they recently launched a debit card so you can more easily access your funds.

Open a free FDIC-insured savings account with Yotta! Every deposit helps you save money while entering you in our weekly sweepstakes with prizes up to $10 million.

How do I sign up?

Use referral code BRYAN11 and we’ll both get 100 tickets automatically entered into next week’s drawing! :