Verify my identity for North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES) with

How do I verify my identity for the North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES)?

The North Carolina Division of Employment Security has revamped how to verify your identity for unemployment benefits payments for the NCDES unemployment insurance benefits system. Initially this has been implemented for the qualification of Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Application often simply called PUA.

Due to rampant unemployment fraud, the state created new verification of identity of unemployment claims.

It started requiring mandatory identity verification for new unemployment claims, and in many cases requiring open claims to verify, or re-verify their identity to the NCDES Unemployment Insurance benefits system.

Understandably this still had some exposed weakness like identity verification in Vegas Vacation.

After I verify my identification with now what?

After you have successfully verified your identity with the system, either online or with the help of an Trusted Referee, you will receive another email with additional instructions.

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