Why is Job Service North Dakota not paying me?

Why is Job Service North Dakota not paying me my unemployment benefit payment?

First you need to have have received a determination letter telling you how much your weekly benefit amount is and the number of weeks you qualify for to ensure that you are in fact eligible for Job Service North Dakota unemployment payments. If you have received your determination letter,  and are still not seeing unemployment payments from Job Service North Dakota! here few reasons that they may not be paying out an unemployment claim.

Here are some possible reasons for your missing JSND unemployment payment.

The different reasons why you may not have received your Job Service North Dakota! unemployment benefits payments

If it has been a few weeks since you filed your unemployment claim and you’ve received a monetary notification, and you are beyond your mandatory one week waiting period of non-payment there may be a problem.

First things first the simple act of filing an unemployment claim does not automatically start payments to you each week you’re unemployed you are required to complete a weekly certification this process lets job service know you’re unemployed and requesting a benefit payment.

JSND Unemployment Waiting Week

Next is the waiting week generally the first week you certify is you’re waiting week benefits are not paid for this week.

JSND unemployment payment option processing time

How you’re going to receive your benefit payments with each new claim you need to select either a prepaid debit card or direct deposit if you do not select direct deposit and enter your banking details your payments will automatically be deposited onto a prepaid debit card as soon as job service issues your first payment a prepaid debit card will be mailed keep in mind you need to allow 7 to 10 business days for the card to arrive in the mail to receive your first payment faster you can set up direct deposit this will cut out the mailing time for the card to arrive.

Separation or Non-Separation Issue

Another issue that may affect your payment terms that relate to a payment delay that you may see in your correspondence include separation and non separation a separation issue is one that involves both yourself and an employer an example of this is if you quit your job a non separation issue involves only you

Some examples of a non separation issue include you are not able to work you are not available for work or you are not seeking work an issue may be added to your claim at several different times it may be added when you file your claim after completing a weekly certification  or it might be added when an employer notifies job service you’re no longer working for them each issue is reviewed separately and needs to go through the  adjudication process let’s look at the steps involved.  First an issue is established on your claim this may be a separation issue a non separation issue or even both second information about the issue is gathered from you and your employer this is referred to as fact-finding then each party involved is given a deadline to respond you will find this deadline on the fact gathering letter that has been sent to you the adjudication team will then review the fact-finding received from both parties and determine if more information is necessary before making a determination on the findings if so additional questions are asked and another response deadline is given next the adjudication team reviews all the responses and applies the appropriate state and federal law a determination is made if benefits may be allowed or denied at this point a non-monetary determination is issued informing each party of the outcome.

JSND Unemployment Overpayment

Another reason you may not be receiving your benefit payments is if you have an overpayment from a North Dakota unemployment claim for an unemployment claim in another state job service may be collecting all or part of your current benefit payments and applying it to the overpayment amount this is called an offset or recovery even if you are not currently receiving your benefit payments.

Was a weekly JSND certification requirement missed?

Remember to complete all your weekly requirements if you were denied benefits and have appealed the determination or decision you must continue to complete your weekly certification and meet all other eligibility requirements while your appeal is pending if the appeal decision is in your favor and you have met all eligibility requirements benefits will be paid for the weeks you certified. No benefits will be paid for any weeks for which you did not certify in a timely fashion.

Weekly JSND Certification error?

It is also possible that while you did certify for unemployment benefits, you answered your status incorrectly and did not fully notice this.