How to certify with BEACON for weekly unemployment Maryland

How to certify with BEACON for weekly unemployment Maryland

Video tutorial instructions for processing your Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) weekly certification claim request in the Maryland Unemployment Insurance BEACON application.

This video will show you how to process a weekly Maryland BEACON PUA unemployment certification request.

See how to submit a weekly Maryland BEACON unemployment certification request using the Maryland BEACON unemployment claimant portal this task begins when a claimant has an active Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA claim in Maryland and there is a week available on your PUA unemployment claim for weekly certification.

Select the file a weekly claim certification icon log into Maryland BEACON enter your username and password
select the login button begin by selecting the weekly certification main menu item review the information displayed on the
Weekly certification screen select the next button review the guidelines for requesting a claim week select the checkbox after reviewing the disclaimer information.

Select the next button answer all of the questions on the initial question screen.  The process will not move forward until all questions on this screen are answered.

Select the next button review the summary information on the review and submit screen if any information needs to be updated select the edit button select the acknowledgement checkbox to certify all of the information is complete and accurate. Select the next button review the confirmation information displayed select the print button to print a copy if desired select the finish button the claimant’s weekly certification request has been submitted a.PDF file will be stored in the correspondence section of the claimant portal this completes the video this has been an overview of how to submit a weekly certification request within Maryland BEACON.