How to Add payment and tax information to Maryland BEACON account?

Instructions for updated benefit payment and income tax information on your Maryland Unemployment Insurance BEACON application account.

Video guide for updating your unemployment benefit and income tax information to your BEACON account.

This video you show you how to update your claimant payment information and tax withholding
information view payment history.
This video demonstration will serve as an overview of your payment information
and begin in this segment of the video you will learn to update your payment information and tax withholding information
login to BEACON enter your username and password select the login button on the claimant portal home screen.
The quick actions panel displays hyperlinks to navigate directly to where you can perform common actions select the change payment method hyperlink from the payment method maintenance screen view your current payment method in the payment
options panel you may choose to receive payment by debit card or you may request your benefits be paid by paper check as an alternative to the debit card by calling the agency at 667-207-6520.
To change your payment method select the radio button next to the preferred payment option then select the disclosure hyperlink read the disclosure statement select the confirmation check box. Then select the ok button, you will not be able to proceed without viewing and confirming the disclosure statement. Next select the save button to view or change your tax withholding.
Select the tax withholding tab view your current tax withholding in the current tax withholding preference panel to change your tax withholding select the radio button next to your preferred option then select the save button. Your payment and tax withholding preference will be reflected within the next payment cycle.
In this segment of the video you will learn how to view your payment history login to begin enter your username and
password.  Select the login button on the claimant portal home screen, the payment information panel displays the
most recent week claimed.  Select the view more hyperlink on the claimant payment summary screen
the payment history panel displays a historical view of your payments by week.
To view payment for a particular week select a week ending hyperlink BEACON displays the selected week’s payment details tax withholding and deductions.