Minor In MARVIN introduction

I like to kid around when people ask me if in college I minored in a particular study to which I often reply that I have a “Minor in MARVIN”.  For those you from Michigan reading this you’ll get the joke immediately, everyone else I’ll fill in.  Michigan’s Unemployment system is called MARVIN which stands for M ichigan’s A utomated R esponse V oice I nteractive N etwork.  In a more serious light though you almost do need a degree to navigate the in’s and out’s of MARVIN, and I’ll guess most other Unemployment systems that are deployed across the nation.

If you are currently unemployed, or fear you may one day become unemployed and qualify for Unemployment then this is a good spot to be.  I’m looking to cover the various concerns that those collecting unemployment have.  The first one is literally how to apply for unemployment, Again I’m taking this focus at least initially on Michigan’s System because I know it.  Many questions and concerns however will certainly benefit anyone who finds themselves unemployed.

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