Funny: I wonder if the ducks are dead yet

I hear a bunch of quacking and a lot of movement so I take a peek out the window to see a guy chasing a mother duck and 9 ducklings through the gas station parking lot. Then a guy runs into the store demanding a box. We don’t exactly sell boxes so I don’t know what to tell this guy. He runs over to the corner where there is a box of oil and decides this is the box he seeks. He unloads all of the oil and then runs outside where he proceeds to toss all of the ducklings into this box. Then I watch this guy trying to figure out how to convince the mother duck to get into his van. His idea of waving the box of ducklings like a red flag for a bull apparently failed. Then I watch this fool lead the mother duck across the road with box in hand. Not only does a car swerve and narrowly miss crushing both the duck and the dude but the driver smashes into the curb.

The guy comes back into the store and tosses the box at me like it was something on loan. I asked him what that was all about and he informed me that we as people should look out for the less intelligent creatures like the ducks he just saved. Apparently he was afraid that a car was going to hit one of the ducklings and so he unloaded the ducks in the pond in front of the strip mall across the street. When I say unload really I mean that he swung the box and launched all the ducklings into the pond. I wonder if the wannabe PETA dork knows that the mother duck may not want much to do with the ducklings when she realizes they smell like human. So instead of maybe letting a few ducklings die via natural selection it was more important for this guy to set up 9 ducklings for abandonment and a forthcoming death. That is if they didn’t drown in the pond because I don’t know if these ducks were old enough to be able to swim yet.