Funny: Intro to Gas Station Chronicles

One job that you may end up holding while in career purgatory is the gas station attendant. The gas station position like most you will find available in purgatory consists of long hours, barely above poverty pay and includes tasks in the job description you certainly were not anticipating  when you turned in your application.

One such task you were not informed about was that you would be something different to everybody who walks through the door. I’ve had the pleasure of playing doctor, personal shrink, political analyst, consultant, personal finance guru and many more. Running the cash register although a large part of the job is less work that handling all of the many disasters that walk through the door.

Here was my first hint that this was a purgatory job. During my informal interview with my resume (which includes the fact that I have a bachelor’s degree near the top) and as the manager flips through the resume asks me if I graduated high school.  I’m so ecstatic that I’m thousands of dollars in debt and light-years over qualified to stand behind a counter and deal with crazy people.

The gas station isn’t all bad I suppose. I try to look at everything with a glass is half full mentality. So since working at the station is a peculiar experience day-in and day-out when I try to recall what I have done with the hours of my life spent trapped in such a small building everything comes back to me in mini flashbacks… or nightmares. The mainstream public is really outta wack and this section of career purgatory will be dedicated to some of the weird I have bared witness to.

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