Funny: Please don’t flash me… seriously

I understand that many people write CID, See ID, check ID, etc on the back of their credit cards to hopefully prevent identity theft or illegal use of their credit card. The real irony in this is you run into an assortment of situations when you put this on your card. Here is the most common issues I have with this practice.

1) I can’t stand the people who come in with their credit card and their ID to buy something other than say cigarettes to prove age. I get chewed out if I don’t ask to look at their ID. I always think about telling these people that if you were a criminal and you stole the credit card you wouldn’t make sure you have your ID with you for me to ask you for it.

2) I have been yelled at because the person left their ID in the car and they don’t feel like going out to their car and grabbing it. I’m especially a terrible person when it is raining outside.

3) Best yet the person has their spouses credit card on them and their ID doesn’t match so when I make this point I get yelled at. Technically its their fault and I did my job by asking for the ID like the card said.

So if you haven’t figured out I always check the back of credit cards to see it says See ID or whatever.

What Happened

A girl who always comes into the station picked up some snacks and wanted to pay with a credit card.

Me: Can I see your ID (as I point to the back of the card with a laugh).

Girl: No I don’t have my ID on me. Come on I’m in here all of the time you know who I am.

Me: I jokingly said well looks like your out of luck. (I know her name and saw that it matched the card).

Girl: So do I have to flash you my tits or something so you can ID me (Raises her hands in the air and makes air quotes).

Me: Go ahead and flash me if you must but since I’ve not seen that part of you before I have nothing to reference it to. I guess that would mean I can’t accept as proof of identity.

Girl: Are you freakin kidding me. (Got angry and stomped out).

What I was thinking

Its like going to the beach and all you see is people you don’t want to see in a bathing suit. This was not someone I wanted to see topless for any reason. Plus, I’m sure that it would have went over really well with my boss if he reviewed the surveillance tape. The best part of this is she clearly didn’t get the fact that I was joking until I tell her later that I was kidding with her earlier.