Funny: Was this girl being held hostage?

What Happened

A 20-something blonde girl walks into the store and heads over to the cooler. She stands there staring in the cooler looking for a long time. There is nothing unusual about this because most of the people who come in the station are indecisive but this scenario turned odd really fast. This is how it went down when she came up to the counter to pay.

(Sets bottle of water on the counter and holds bottle of coca-cola in hand)

Girl: So what is in this coke stuff that is so bad?

Me: There really isn’t anything bad in coke unless you are trying to avoid sugar or caffeine. (Thinking to myself no worse than any other soda).

Girl: No, I mean like alcohol or drugs or something else that’s not good for you or even borderline illegal.

Me: (Trying not to laugh because this girl is dead serious) Nah nothing like that.

Girl: Oh really. Well then I don’t get why my dad doesn’t want me to drink coke. Well he’s not going to be happy about this but I’m gonna go ahead and try some anyway.

(So I ring up stuff. The girl goes outside and gets in her car with this older guy which I presume is her dad. This guy is clearly livid that his daughter bought coke.)

What I was thinking after this girl leaves

How is it humanly possible that someone can live in this day and age and not know that coke-cola is not a drug. I laugh to myself a little then keep on working on whatever I was doing before she came in. Then I start to feel this creepy feeling come over me when it dawns on me that I more than likely just witnessed a girl who was being held hostage by her father. I felt like if I could have seen the license plate I would have called the police. I suppose this is not likely the case but our society as a whole is pretty messed up making this an entirely possible scenario.