Apply for Michigan UIA, MARVIN

To ensure that your application process goes smoothly I personally recommend a couple of housekeeping items before applying for MARVIN. The very first will be to install CutePDF printer.

Second I recommend getting all of your employment records such as official start date, last day worked and pay stubs in a order that works for you.

I personally created a couple of old school hanging folders with my unemployment records, work records, and jobs applied for; doing this leg work now will be helpful in the future.

Now the moment you have been waiting for: How do you go about applying for unemployed insurance?  The first scenario for finding yourself introduced to MARVIN is becoming completely separated from your current employer.  Probably the absolute easiest way to apply for unemployment these days in Michigan will be to visit the unemployment website.

Before you get too in depth into this process, you will need to create a MiWAM! account, click here on how to do that.

Below is a direct link to start your application

This method appears to be phasing or completely phased out. Michigan has switched to a new Government portal called MiWAM for a lot of government services like BridgeCard. See below prompt. So if you already have a MiWAM login you can quickly sign in.

So if you do not have a login try using this link to create a new one, to get your Michigan Unemployment Benefits rolling.

The first prompt you will need to fill out looks like this:

The instructions on the application process are actually very straight forward.  So I will not really go terribly in depth here.

Due to the massive amount of layoffs and employees out of work due to the Governors Shelter in Place order, and the mandate of service industries to be closed the website is operating very slowly. You can file 24 hours a day, so you may need to try in an “off peak hour”.


My advice would be to use the PDF printer at every step of the application process before you move on to the next step, in some points you will need to consult your past entry within the same application.

At the completion of the application you will get a confirmation number and you will need to physically take this page into a MI Works! location where they will validate that you showed up and submitted a resume on the MI Works! system.  You can find your closest location here. *NOTE As of March 18, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic the MI Works! offices are closed and everything can be done by website or phone call.

Save time by setting up your resume at home before you go in, you can do that by visiting this page.  Do not lose this information as you need to log in and print the documents at your check in.

Another very important note the PIN you select for the job search program is your PIN you will use for MARVIN when you call every two weeks.

Keep all of your information on your unemployment claim in an easily accessible location.  In the event that you don’t get paid, denied unemployment, etc.  You will be able to better make your case if you have the information at your finger tips that you submitted.

In the worst case scenario which is quickly becoming the norm in Michigan you will actually need to refile your claim in a year.  This information on your first claim will be very helpful when you need to apply for unemployment again.  I’ll discuss reopening your claim in more detail in this Minor In MARVIN series.

Other direct information about unemployment in Michigan can be found at


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Updated March 25, 2020

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