MARVIN First Call

If you have never been unemployed your first phone call to MARVIN will most likely be one of the most frustrating phone calls you’ll ever make.  After a few calls it becomes an old hat, but still annoying nonetheless.

Your online application will give you a MARVIN “appointment” this is the time that you will call in every two weeks.  You will need your Social Security number, and PIN (you got the pin from the MI Works Michigan Talent Bank resume builder).  You only have a period of one hour to call in each week.

You can sometimes get lucky by calling in a few minutes early and stalling before you have to enter your information.  I would recommend for instance calling into MARVIN about 3 to 4 minutes ahead of schedule.

More often than not you will get a busy signal, keep redialing.  Worst case you will not be able to get through at all.

Thursday’s and Friday’s are open call in periods where you can call in these are generally pretty easy to get connected and get paid.

Odd’s and Ends

Don’t hang up on MARVIN.  Let MARVIN hang up on you so you know the system completed.

If for any reason at all you do not get told a dollar value for your payment, IMMEDIATELY call UIA and talk to a representative.  You will not get paid, at all, until you talk to a live person.

Also if you are used to the civilized world of a paper receipt or void check for direct deposit or payment, too bad.  The only way to figure this out is to register for MARVIN online.  I’ll go into more details on this in the next couple posts.