Funny: Do you sell frozen treats with chocolate in them?

Granted I know that people from other countries move to the United States but this guy was clearly either on a REALLY long bike ride or he just moved to the USA and hasn’t really adapted yet.

(Late in the evening a guy rides up to the gas station on a bicycle and chains it up to a pole by our ice chest outside. Then the guy entered the store. This guy is wearing a rain coat and carrying a hiking backpack).

Guy: (In a heavy Russian accent) Do you sell sports drinks like with flavors and stuff in it.

Me: Yea they are in the cooler there is all kinds.

Guy: Awesome I haven’t been able to stock up in awhile.

(He runs over to the cooler doors then comes back and sets 6 Powerades on the counter).

Guy: You guys have so many kinds. It amazes me these colors. Do you sell frozen treats? I would really like a frozen treat maybe with chocolate.

Me: Yeah so the ice cream cooler is over there.

Guy: So cool a whole cooler full of frozen treats.

(He goes over to the cooler and comes back with a cone)

Me: Your total is $$$

Guy: Okay now I just need to find a way to pay you.

(The guy sets down this monster backpack and pulls out a small baggy that looks like it originally held tooth picks).

Guy: Here are your monies.

Me: I have to say that is pretty interesting how you hold onto your money. Seems pretty covert since who would look in that baggy for money.

Guy: (Chuckles) Covert, yeah, covert-ops (laughs) covert-ops.

Me: Well you are all set.

Guy: Okay I say bye now (walks over door and then waves at me)


1)      Who walks around looking for frozen treats with chocolate? Has this guy never entered a gas station?

2)      Why are you caring your money around in this weird way?

3)      Where are you riding your bike from? Or to?

4)      Why are you wearing a rain poncho when it isn’t even raining out?

5)      I felt like this guy was on a cross continental bike ride like he just rode his bike from Russia through Alaska then Canada and somehow ended up in Michigan.