Funny: I’m psychic… or so I’m told (part 2)

The crazy guy from part 1 just entered my station.

Guy: Ah, the mind reader is working.

Me: Yep (I set this guy’s cigarettes on the counter)

Guy: Holy sh*t! Tell me the winning lotto numbers.

Me: If only it was that easy. I can only read minds I can’t predict stuff.

Guy: Well isn’t that a shame. Figured that could be my ticket back to a life of luxury.

Me: You said back. If you used to be wealthy what happen?

Guy: (Clears throat) Well this economy is a piece of sh*t but I suppose at least I had opportunity. I had it all but now… (clears throat) now it’s all gone.

Me: Yeah I got that but how did you lose it all.

Guy: Well when I was much younger I was a merchant and I had my own boat. I used to steer my boat all through the orient and I had it all. But now… (clears throat) But now I can only treasure the memories. (Looks at me and points) I’ve been to more places than you can even imagine. But now… (clears throat) ahh the traveling, the boozing, the exotic women, the gambling. To answer your question it was (clears throat and mumbles something) it was mostly the gambling. Hell I even lost my teeth gambling.

Me: Okay (trying really hard not to laugh). How did you lose your teeth gambling?

Guy: Well one night after I had a hell of a night boozing and gambling I had myself an exotic woman in Hong Kong. Well needless to say in the morning I had a rude awakening when I was asked for some money. (clears throat and mumbling). So yea she wasn’t very happy because I must have blown all of it gambling the night before and so I guess she decided that she wanted my teeth.

Me: So a hooker stole your teeth? (I’m sure I had a huge grin on my face).

Guy: Don’t call her a hooker! But that’s pretty much what I assumed was the case. She must have hit me with the lamp or something because I woke up like 3 days later with a broken nose, a concussion and no teeth. One can only guess what she wanted my teeth for. (smacks his gums and leaves the station).