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Due to COVID-19 UIA Local Offices closed as of Wednesday, March 18.

Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) local offices are closed to the public. These changes will remain effective as long as necessary for the health and safety of the public. UIA offices will continue to serve the public and eligible employees are encouraged to apply for benefits online or by calling 866-500-0017.

In the event that you have missed a MARVIN certification I have already outlined some solutions for you regarding how to handle this debacle via the phone.  Another outlet for handling any unemployment issue regarding certifications, pay amount etc. can be handled in person at designated Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) branch locations, the UIA calls these locations Problem Resolution Offices or (PROs).  Some benefits that they offer are phones, and computers for those unemployed who may have not have access to these devices for certifying with MARVIN.

These locations are distinct from MI Works! which are in no way related to helping you resolve any outstanding issues (i.e. non-payment, missed certification) you may have with your unemployment situation.  So again the UIA PRO office locations are where you will go to get your issues resolved.  Here are the listed locations that you can go to if you need some questions answered:

What to expect on your visit to the UIA PRO branch

When you visit your nearest office be prepared for a wait, just as with the phone system which is nearly always over capacity.  If you have any documentation for your outstanding issues you should bring it with you, it will also not hurt to bring some sort of reading materials, or even employment applications to fill out (I know these paper forms are nearly extinct but you never know) with you to keep yourself entertained while waiting.  You’ll also encounter a lot of people who are better at taking power naps than I am, so if sleeping in public doesn’t bother you while you wait, then you’re in luck you’ll be in good company.

Depending on your proximity to the UIA office you may consider packing a lunch or some sort of snack for the wait, you won’t want to risk  leaving and missing your number being called especially since for many people these branches are a solid drive away from home.

Traditionally these unemployment representatives that you will work with in person are very experienced and will help you handle any issues that you may have.  I would strongly recommend visiting your local office for issues such as missed MARVIN certifications, and disputes over the pay you get as they often are more sympathetic to your cause than phone support representatives.

If you have not handled resolved an outstanding unemployment situation and it carries into another MARVIN certification period you still need to call MARVIN or visit online to certify to prove you have not given up on the system.

Special note

If you are an honorably discharged veteran and are collecting unemployment from your military discharge you are eligible for a higher grade of unemployment than those of us in the private sector.  This does not seem to be common knowledge and in the future I hope to discuss this process in more detail.  There are also different pay scales for dismissed government workers which require different avenues for applying for unemployment as well.  These are questions that can be answered by visiting one of these UIA PRO offices if you think you qualify for additional benefits that you are not getting.

Good luck to you in your employment search.  Check out our other Unemployment related tips, and experiences here.  We’re constantly updating as we learn new things, and feel free to browse our site for other light hearted entertainment, and information.  If this information was helpful please help spread it around for us below are the various web ways we can be shared.

Link to the UIA information page about PRO offices.


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