Detroit Loves Kwame Kilpatrick

Most of the jokes about how Kwame was going to get really close to the inmates while he goes back to jail have been without merit since he’s isolated from the general population, but recently Kwame has pushed to be integrated into the general prison population so that he can get access to better facilities to work on his defense from the Federal investigation that landed 19 more charges on Kwame.  The below picture may now have some merit now that Kwame can meet and greet with his fans in Milan.

Kwame is also making the news again for his deposition in the stripper lawsuit for the rumored Manoogian Mansion party.  So Kwame should be putting his law degree to use for the near term future.

I’m not sure how long this graffiti has been up in Detroit, but I spotted it as I recall somewhere off John R Road near Woodward Avenue.