Funny: Covert Car Wash

I’m not sure if this is an indication that the economy sucks or is just an exam of stupid teenage high jinx. I witnessed a covert operation go down at the gas station. The problem is their tactics were merely something to laugh at.

A white Grand Prix car pulls up with dark tinted windows. These teens clearly had premeditated how they were going to “be clever” and wash their car for free. Two guys slither out of their car and almost tip-toe towards different squeegee buckets. I really do wonder if they thought maybe if they ran I would hear them over 50 ft away through a window but I digress. Each grabbed a squeegee then scurried back to the car to begin their covert cleaning. This probably carried on for 3 minutes or so when I decided I should probably be constructive and start wiping down the counters by the door to the gas station. One of them must have spotted me moving towards the door and nearly had a heart attack because he the started banging on the the roof and yelling something. A third guy pops out of the car and starts heading towards the gas station. I can only assume that when the one guy saw me the next logical decision was to send in a decoy.

Decoy: (Walks into the store and slowly walks around the store taking shifty looks at me) Hey, do you have take 5 gum here?

Me: Yea its right here (point at the counter)

Decoy: Oh… umm… I guess I want a candy bar instead. Can you help me find um… I don’t remember what it is called.

Me: What is in it?

Decoy: I don’t remember but can you come over here and help me find it.

Me: If you really want me to help you locate a candy bar that is fine but just so you know. Although very lame I really don’t care that your friends look like fools by washing their entire car at the pump.

Decoy: Seriously? Good I don’t want any of this sh*t anyway. (Walks out)

Before they all got back in the care they waved at me and grinned like they just pulled of the greatest stunt ever.

Clearly I saw that this third kid was a distraction because I’m not stupid but I wish that he was able to come up with a more inventive way to “distract” me. Help me find something but I don’t know what it is. Really? That has got to be one of the dumbest statements ever.