Funny: The Economy Sucks But This Is A New Low

The economy is pretty bad in Michigan these days and I know people are trying to save money where ever possible but I feel the following guy took penny pinching to an all new level.

I’m look out the window to catch a black Impala pulling up to pump 5. A guy gets out and grabs the squeegee, which isn’t out of the ordinary but then he grabs the entire bucket of washer fluid and tosses the fluid over the hood of his car. He began to scrub his car with the squeegee.

Me: (I have to disregard the guy outside and take care of a customer)

Customer: Why is that guy washing his car at the pump?

Me: Your guess is as good as mine.

Customer: Umm… that guy seems really pissed off (points out the window at the penny pincher)

Penny Pincher: (Opens up door in an angry flurry) Why the hell is their dirt in the bottom of the washer fluid bucket?

Customer: (Starts to laugh) What are you talking about?

Penny Pincher: Well when I dumped the washer fluid bucket by pump 3 on my roof I coated the top of my car in sludge.

Me: Yea sometimes the bottom of the bucket isn’t super clean because any debris sinks to the bottom of the bucket.

Penny Pincher: You better not have caused me to scratch my car with that sh*t!

Me: This isn’t a car wash so I don’t know why you had the right to dump not one but two entire buckets of washer fluid on your car.

Penny Pincher: It’s out there and its free isn’t it so I should be able to do what I want with it.

Customer: You’re an idiot… don’t you know that you can scratch the hell out of your car with the squeegee?

Penny Pincher: Then why do you guys have it out there?

Me: The squeegee is for your windows not your entire car.

Penny Pincher: Shouldn’t there be a sign out there that says squeegee for windows only or something. God I hope I didn’t scratch the hell outta my car. (Heads back out to his car and leaves)

Customer: What a f*ckin idiot! (Leaves the station)

Before I chalked up the covert car wash to teenage high jinx but this is clearly an indication of a terrible economy.