Funny: GTP: Grand Theft Paper

I always felt there was a unwritten code of ethics for when visiting a gas station. One part of that code would be to only take the bare minimum amount of paper towel that you need to dry off the squeegee or to wipe the oil off your dip stick so you can decide if you need more oil. As I said this code of ethics is pretty much unwritten but if I should ever own a gas station such list would be written.

Today I spotted a guy who decided to take all of the paper towels outside. Not sure I would say he stole all of the towels because they are technically free but he certainly did it in a hurry. Almost fast enough to where I think he felt what he was doing was also wrong. So being bored as usual I decided to investigate.

( I walk outside)

Me: Why are you taking all of the paper towel?

Shady Character: Um… I’m out.

Me: You’re out? You mean you plan to stock up your entire house full of brown paper towels from the gas station?

Shady Character: Well… no… not really. My gas station is out of paper towels.

Me: So you’re going to take all of our paper towels to stock up your station.

Shady Character: Well I got the idea when I saw a bunch of people taking out paper towels. By the way I work the same crappy job as you. Basically I forgot to order more paper towel and my boss is a pain in my ass so I knew that if I could get by for a few more days they wouldn’t know.

Me: Hmm… I don’t know what to tell you. Seems pretty bad for me to just let you take all of the paper towels.

Shady Character: Okay, okay I won’t take them all. Can I take a handful?

Me: Sure, you can take a few. (I headed back inside)

I just get back inside and out of the corner of my eye I spot that guy running around and grabbing them all anyway then hop in his car and take off. I wonder how many other gas stations this dude hit up for their paper towels.