Funny: I can drive without glasses everything just looks fuzzy


The elderly tend to have more car accidents than any other demographic but I always assumed this was due to a decrease in reaction time. Today I learned another reason.

( I just arrived at work and when I arrived I saw one of my co-workers working on a software installation on a computer. After clocking in I was given the task to complete the computer service while the other guy found something better to do).

Woman: How much longer do you have to go? (Leans in to look at the screen really close up).

Me: I have to download a few updates so its probably going to be a few minutes. ( As the lady is walking away I noticed there was something odd about her but I wasn’t sure quite what I saw).

Co-worker: “Over the headsets” Is that lady really planning on stealing those glasses?

Woman: (Walks back over by me) I have been wearing those glasses for awhile but I just put those glasses back, okay? If I still have a few minutes I’m going to walk around the store and look for something big so I can see it.

Me: You can actually hold onto these discs. I’m almost done with everything.

Woman: Sure I’ll just take the disc out to my car. Actually, I’m just going to leave everything here as I walk around. (Sets a balled up pair of baby socks on the pc repair work bench and walks away).

Me: (The PC completed all of the updates so I track down the customer) Do you have any other questions about the software that I just installed?

Woman: (Leans in to look at the PC screen on her laptop) No, I think I can figure it out when I get home and I can see.

Me: Well if you get home and have any questions we will be open for another 2 hours.

Women: Oh… I won’t be back up here today. I actually live about 45 minutes away.

Me: You drove for 45 minutes without your glasses?

Women: Yea I didn’t really know until I got on the freeway. I knew all of the cars looked a little fuzzy but I didn’t realize I couldn’t see until I got to a stop light and looked over and realized that I couldn’t see the person driving in the next car over… unless that wasn’t a car. Hmm… now you have me wondering what I actually was looking at.

I can’t believe this woman drove all that distance without getting into a car accident. Just think this lady had to drive back and she refused to buy some of the magnifying glasses that she was wearing throughout the store. Plus I can’t come up with why she was walking around holding a pair of black socks.