Get Free Presciption Medication

If you are unemployed or underemployed paying for medication can be just as burdensome as visiting the doctor on your budget. You’ve probably seen one of the prescription drug commercials where at the end they say something along the line of, “If you have trouble paying for your medicine visit their site or call a certain number.” Well most medication can be acquired heavily discounted or for free if you go through the right channels. As you can guess free or discount medication doesn’t come without some paperwork, and a bit of research.

There are only a few major pharmaceutical companies out there and each one have programs in place to get free or discounted medications to you, providing you qualify.  Not everyone will qualify for these programs but it can’t hurt to take a look and try to figure out if you do qualify. Generally, if you qualify for other assistance programs like WIC, bridge card, heat, phone or others then you probably qualify for medication assistance

The major pharmaceutical companies have many different types of programs to help people in need. Part of the research is to navigate the different programs to figure out which one you most closely identify with. The common ones are for the unemployed, low income aka underemployed, and for seniors.

To make your task a little easier we have compiled a few resources for you to start your hunt for medical assistance.

Major pharmaceutical companies with programs

Pfizer – Click here for Pfizer’s program.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) – Click here for GSK’s program.

Third party prescription programs

Partnership for Prescription Assistance –Website

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation –Website

Needy Meds – Website

Figure out which drugs qualify (even if you don’t know the manufacture)

Rx Assist – Website

We’re hoping to get a step by step process up of using one of more of these sites ourselves.

Let us know if you’ve used any of these sites with success or failure for that matter.  It only takes a moment to leave a comment.