Funny: How To Socialize With Real People

If you’ve ever worked retail then we’re sure you’ve dealt with customers like the ones below.  Here is how I don’t want you to respond with when I ask you how you are:

1)      Throw money at me and point at your car. (It’s okay, use your words.)

2)      I’m on my period, so how do you think I feel? (Is there even a correct response here?, ex. Midol is in the 2nd aisle?)

3)      (A guy who has always limped everyday that I have seen him for the last 5-6 months) Just great you f*ckin’ idiot I’m limping.

4)      Okay but kinda horny and my wife is outta town.  (I was rendered speechless, this made me uncomfortable for a multitude of reasons.)

5)      Can’t you see I’m on the phone…? (Complete with a dirty look.  If you come in on the phone expect to have to pause for a second you idiot.  Or better yet hang up the phone.)

6)      Bored… ( Do you want me to perform a trick for you or something?)

7)      Great doin’ just great. (With an attitude like I inconvenienced you by saying something.)

8)      Yawn at me then say nothing and stare at me like a deer in headlights. (Am I boring you people?)

9)      Grunt at me. (Like a caveman to acknowledge you heard something but don’t care what I said.)

10)   Well I’m still alive. (Are you expecting death in your immediate future?)

If you’d like to share you customer service story with us feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and how you’d like to be credited or just be an anonymous submission.