Funny: 10 Types of People At Job Fairs

There are a few different types of people you’ll meet at career fairs I’m not talking a college campus recruiting event but your typical open to the public job fair.

1 The Family Man

This is the guy who is such a dedicated family man or head of household that he decided to not just talk about it, but bring along his wife and kids.

Why is he here?

Teaching point for his children.

2 Dedicated Husband

This type of guy is not looking to relocate without a long drawn out conversation with his significant other.  In fact she’s so significant that she’s standing by her man at the recruiter booth.

Why is the spouse here?

The spouse is here to confirm her suspicious that alcohol is never part of an icebreaker at the job fair. Also to make to make sure he doesn’t have a conversation with the pimp (see below).

3 Main Street Pimp

Our Main Street pimp is usually found hobbling or pimp walking around the career fair.  He can typically be found with a cane or if it is a overcast day with a 5-15% chance of rain a cane / umbrella combo.  Typically dressed up in a vibrant flashy 5 piece suit (you know to stick out from the crowd) and wearing just as flashy shoes.  He also has flashy cuff links, and a tie clip or chain.

Why is he here?

Looking to upgrade his talent bank

4 Extreme Networker

This type of person is well dressed and groomed.  They confidently strut around the career fair with their Bluetooth heads firmly in place on their ear.  After all you can never be too safe in catching all of the frequent job offers you will be getting in face to face situations and remotely over your Bluetooth headset.

Why are they here?

He/She is so busy talking on the phone its refreshing to see people face to face once in awhile.

5 Disgruntled Layoff

Probably one of the most common job seekers at career fairs.  Looking for any chance to drop off a resume or a chance to vent to anyone who will listen.  Common attributes of these people are that they are often extremely qualified, been around the block in terms of career so to speak, and generally overqualified for nearly every position that can be found at the career fair.

Why is he here?

The bar isn’t open this early and the shrink is too expensive without insurance.

6 The Creeper

This person relentless hits on people in line, and does a complete mind trick of trying to recruit the recruiters for a date.

Why is he here?

It’s a known fact that the recruiters are the best looking people from the company. Side note: Craigslist adult services has been shut down and there is a good chance he can run into the pimp.

7 The Student

Possibly showed up at the event with their unemployed parents, or grand parents for that matter.

Why is he here?

The parents are the real applicants but the students are there to pose as the more youthful faces to their older counterparts. Also known as the “bait-and-switch.”

8 Mismatched attire

One unemployment check away from completing wardrobe. For example, suit and tie that match, but wearing tennis shoes muttering please don’t look at my shoes.

Why are they here?

The only individuals here who really need a job.

9 The half asser

The male version will often have the unemployment beard because the unemployed lifestyle is really growing on them.

The female version is also a hairy situation but its often hidden by “The Pantsuit” otherwise known as the Hillary Clinton.

Commons questions heard from these people are:

Oh hey what do you do at this company?  Do you have any job openings?

They can also be seen taking all of the corporate SWAG, like water bottles, stress balls, and pens.

Why are they here?

No seriously, why are they here!

10 You

If you found this list to be funny then you are not part of the previous 9. Otherwise were sorry… that you probably were laid off for a legit reason.