Funny: Need To Be More Attentive

When working at the gas station I have always encountered interesting people. If you’ve read any of the other stories you would know this by now. I’ve encountered the people that stick around because they think I’m their friend. I’ve had people stick around because they were bored. This lady stuck around because I did my job.

(Woman walks in wearing sweat pants and a Michigan State University hoodie)

Me: Hello! (As I continue to read the paper. Glanced up long enough to see who it was.)

Woman: I need a pack of Marlboro.

Me: Alright can I see your ID.

Woman: Oh sure, here ya go.

Me: I look at the ID and realize this lady is older than my mother. When I glanced up I saw the college sweats and didn’t even look at her. This lady is a regular customer who always is in buying cigarettes.

Now every single time she comes in she has to wink at me and ask me about how my day is going. Clearly she thought I was hitting on her by asking for her ID. Gotta say that gets old quick. I was in a particularly cruel mood one day and thought to myself:

Not only are you twice my age but I see you upwards of five times  a day because you are buying cigarettes believe me I’m not even slightly attracted to you. Additionally, you have enough carcinogens floating around in your blood that just standing close to you is probably raising my chance of skin cancer.