Interview Nightmares: The Fitness Run Around

Interview Nightmares: Tales from the un and under-employed… This is one of their stories…


Everyone has heard the saying: Given the run around. I’ve now experienced where that comes from. I tried to get a job at a fitness chain as a trainer. I had been working out at one of these gyms for well over a year and decided that it would be neat to get all of the certifications and become a trainer. After working out at one location long enough you get to know the employees. I was given “insider” tips that I can probably get a job at the new gym opening up in the next city over. You would think that with the right recommendation and a early application that said job was mine.

What Happened:

First I applied online. Then I was immediately told to go interview with owner of the franchise in the next city over. Long story short 2 days later I’m told maybe I would be a better fit at the next city over, which was owned by a different franchisee.

I can handle that since I still wanted the job. I go apply in person and have an interview. No call back, no nothing. I’m being assertive because I want this job call and inquire about whats happening. Told about a group interview in 3 weeks. Fine, I’ve waited this long I can wait 3 weeks. I get to the interview and I’m the only trainer the other people are interviewing for other positions. After the interview I hear nothing for 1 week. I call back to inquire about the status of the position. Told that hopefuls were to work for 20 minutes at yet another location that is already open. Show up at blah blah in 2 weeks. This is annoying but fine. I have a “working interview” in two weeks and then I hear nothing. I call the gym and get no response. Eventually I ask the manager at the gym I work at what happened. He tells me they decided to go with an internal candidate that wanted the job. I asked if she had gone through all of the interviews like myself. Nope, none of it. So long story short I was given the physical run around pretty much knowing that I was never going to be given the job anyways.

What we Learned:

Figure out if the company likes internal candidates over external hires.

If the company has a track record of only taking internal candidates don’t bother. If your credentials are stellar as mine were consider getting any position with the company and then getting moved to the job you really wanted.

We know we’re not the only ones who have had terrible interviews, share your interview nightmare with us.