Machines Killing Your Job

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In all of the concern about job creation there are many companies out there that exist solely to help dismantle job creation through creative destruction.  Our friends at Skynet Is Real showed off one that is helping to cut out labor at fast food restaurants, for assembling a burger.  Something that workers squawking about making $15 an hour should think about before a robot starts making burgers for customers instead of them.

We’ve previously highlighted how drones can be used to help eliminate staff in News organizations. Lottery staff in Michigan were also eliminated as the use robots to pull lottery numbers was picked over that of humans.

The argument that all of these companies make is that future employees need to train themselves to create these tools of employment destruction.  So get to work looking for jobs as computer programmers, process controllers, and drone pilots.

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If you still don’t believe us, take a look at MSN’s 23 machines that will take your job; 12 here, and 11 here.