Snag That Job Before Someone Else Does

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Here are a handful of tips to cut in line when it comes to that job search.

Find some companies that you would love to work for, and register on their career sites.

The benefits of registering are that you can store you resume, cover letter, references, contact information and basically check a box when that job you are waiting for comes across your screen.

Another huge benefit for registering at these career pages on corporate websites is that you can set up alerts, gain access to RSS feeds of new job’s that are posted so you get a jump on the new jobs before they make their way to search engines like Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder or get posted on other high traffic areas.

RSS Feeds will allow you to see the latest job posting as they are posted so you don’t have to remember to check.  Every job posting update will be in your RSS feed.  You can learn more about RSS feeds in this article.

Tap those human networks.

There is a famous saying about it’s who you know.  It applies to employment like nobody’s business.  My first job I got was because a neighbor referred me to a non-advertised opening.  My best job leads came from asking family, friends, old professional contacts.

Put yourself out there.

In the current job market a lot of businesses are starting to look at hiring.  However the truth is that companies are looking for talent that is sharp and has been active.  You can look active on professional sites like Linkedin, and set up recruiter friendly profiles so your skills can be found.