The Top 10 jobs You’ll Have in Career Purgatory

We mean no offense to anyone who has one of these jobs nearly all of them represent an honest living, in fact we’ve held a few of these ourselves to put ourselves through school and try to get our careers going.

Top Ten Job’s you’ll hold while in Career Purgatory:

10.  Any midnight shift job that requires stocking shelves at a retail store

– Stock boy (or girl) makes the list for many reasons. There is no potential for advancement unless you have the displeasure of working the same job for a long enough time that you get promoted to night shift manager. Depending on the store there is little interaction with people. This solidifies your stuck factor because if you can’t build connections you’re going nowhere fast.

9.  Food delivery person

– There is potential for you to make a decent wage as a delivery person but this generally requires many man hours to achieve. When I think of food delivery person I’m thinking of pizza or subs though I’m sure that no delivery job is truly glamorous. Another downside to this type of job is the wear and tear on your vehicle, and getting stiffed on tips.

8.  Night club flier person

– This position is not a stab at club promoters. I would be willing to bet that they make a decent wage. This position doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to night club but any kind of event. The only draw to this kind of job is you will be paid in cash. The people that are passing out fliers to make ends meet are clearly in career purgatory.

7. Contract worker aka temp guy

– You’ve established that you can and will work.  But the employer doesn’t respect you enough to add you to the “head count” and doesn’t want to be responsible for your employee withhold tax, your health insurance, any expenses related to having you on the book.

In essence you are basically a legal migrant worker.

6. Gas Station attendant (check out how glamorous this position is here)

– This job is near and dear to our hearts as you can see by checking out gas station chronicles. This job has no potential for advancement unless you work at a large truck stop and you can become the manager. If working at a small gas station and you’re one of two employees then stuck is only one way to describe your situation. Only in your wildest dreams or nightmares might you inherit the gas station if you’re related in some way to the owner.

5.  Any job you’d actually consider taking on Craigslist

– Legitimate one time jobs are sure to be found on Craigslist such as rake leaves but a career will never ever be found on Craigslist. Most posts do not even list the actual business. So if you can crawl through all of the muck and spam you may find a job. This is entirely possible but bear in mind that it is assumed that if you’re looking on Craigslist you’re probably desperate and your future boss knows it.

taxguy sign guy career purgatory

4. Person holding signs on street corners

– What can be said about this? Where do you advance to? Bigger signs? The only people I can see intentionally wanting one of these jobs is someone who is milking unemployment and is doing this and being paid in cash. I’m not saying this is a good idea but that’s about the only thing that comes to mind. Extra credit if you can get some Twitter love like this guy:

3. Any Adult Services job or “gig” you’ve found on Craigslist

– Desperation doesn’t even begin to define your current state (mentally or otherwise) to legitimately consider this.

2.  No seriously you’re unemployed

– Being on unemployment and receiving a check doesn’t qualify as a job but I know some people who think it constitutes one.

1.Telemarketer aka Inside Sales

You’re promised great pay, bonuses, and advancement opportunities.  In reality you work in a cubical farm, make minimum wage, and work 80 hours a week trying to find an old lady who will listen to your entire sales pitch.

Bonus +1 Student

Most likely you are also holding down a job in Career Purgatory, or unemployed.  At least you’re trying to get an education to get a real career.

Bonus +2 Superstore greeter (i.e. Wal-Mart, Meier, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.)

Maybe you can advance to stocking shelves (see # 10).

Theme’s of these jobs you’ll have in Career Purgatory, are that you will get stuck wearing a vest, corny hat, or other absurd accessory like a sign; and have a questionable income tax status.