Food Tampering is not a Joke

Do not tamper with or spit in, patrons food if you are in food service. It is not funny, or a harmless prank. In fact it is not only a fireable offense, but one that can also get you arrested. Food tampering is taken very seriously.

Quinell May an employee of Detroit Sportservice heard that his co-worker was going to spit in a pizza.

Quinell tried to report the issue, and was also allegedly fired when he posted a video of the incident which went viral on Instagram (the video has since been removed.)

The former Comerica Park worker Jaylon Kerley, 20 allegedly spit in a pizza being prepared for sale at the baseball stadium. Jaylon was fired from his employer and arrested. He faces a felony charge for food tampering, and a misdemeanor charge.

Lastly remember that once you have been charged with a Felony in some cases even if not convicted it may come up in your job interview on applications. Technically only a conviction could be used to disqualify an applicant, but why put your future career in jeopardy.