You Missed a New York Tel-Service Certification Now What

So you forgot to call in to the Tel-Service to certify for New York Unemployment? Now what?

As you should know the typical weekly certification window for New York is Monday through Sunday.

New York NYDOL unemployment claim missed certification week period career purgatory

New York NYDOL unemployment claim missed Tel-Service certification week period

How to request back credit for a missed week?

You cannot file a claim for a given week outside the claim window for that week using the online or Tel-Service system. In the above example, you cannot file a claim for the week ending October 25, 2020 after October 31, 2020. If you miss claiming benefits for a week during which you were unemployed, you can request credit for this week by secure message, fax or regular mail. Do not call the Telephone Claims Center* to request back credit for a week.

  1. Submit a request by secure message at Enter your username and password.
  2. Click on the envelope icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. This will bring you to your message inbox.
  4. Click on the menu button (the square with three lines).
  5. Select “Compose New.”
  6. Select Subject: “Filing a UI Claim.”
  7. Select Second Subject: “I want to request backdating of my claim.”
  8. In the body of the message, list the weeks for which you want to request credit.

You can also fax your request to 518-457-9378 or mail it to:

New York State Department of Labor

PO Box 15130

Albany, NY 12212-5130

Be sure to include the beginning and ending dates of the time period for which you did not claim benefits and the reason you did not claim benefits promptly in your request. Also, include the last four digits of your Social Security number on the upper right corner. The state of New York will review your request and decide if you are eligible to receive benefits for that time period. This review can take two to three weeks unless more information is needed, in which case may take longer. During this time, be sure to continue claiming benefits for all weeks you are unemployed and eligible for benefits. If we write or call you to request more information, please respond promptly so the review is not delayed.