How to Verify your information with California EDD

How to Verify your Identity information with California EDD

A large number of unemployment seekers have been having issues getting through to California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) system to verify who they are for unemployment payments. There is a way to do so with by sending your information over via fax.

While we absolutely hate faxing anything since it is 2020 after all, there are at least 6 ways to fax via email for free. 

Certainly if you are more technologically illiterate you can sometimes send faxes at local convenience stores, but the most reliable road tested option is to be pillaged by Staples, OfficeDepot OfficeMax, UPS Store, or FedEx Office in store locations. From memory these services usually steal $8-10 per first page, and some less painful $1 per page thereafter.  Or ask a friend or relative if they still have a functioning land line and working fax machine you can borrow to get your unemployment benefits.

Ironically in the age of no one using land lines the EDD will send a text message to confirm your verification.

Note As of April 2021 we have a more expanded guide on the approved identification verification methods.

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