Pandemic Video Job Interview Advice

Pandemic Video Job Interview Advice

Well the COVID-19 Pandemic changed so much of everything that we can’t help but note this piece of advice on job interviews now moving from a face to face interaction, to a remote, and often video conference.

The biggest question of all is how long do you spend preparing for your interview?

The answer should be you spend tons of time, to ace the interview if you are passionate about the job you are interviewing for. Look we get it, the honest truth you is may not be passionate about the job you are video interviewing for. However that is why the preparation is so important, you are probably competing against more candidates than any open position that you potential employer has had in 10 years.  If the company was started after The Great Recession say anytime after 2011, they will have never seen this much interest in their job openings ever.

How tough is it to get a video interview?

We are talking easily 100 job applicants to one job opening. Some businesses in The Great Recession were getting over 1,000 applications per job opening.

So simply getting to some sort of selection process with a human being on the phone, in email, or video conference let alone a face to face interview says you did something right.

You did something right to get the video interview stage, but that is only the beginning of the journey.

What does your video conference background environment telegraph about you to your future employer, manager, or team?

The background you are putting on display will give an employer a peak into your personal life in ways that employers typically never get. Instead of you showing up at a possible future offer you might work in, in essence you are also inviting this future employer into your home. Just like your clothing and accessories tell an employer something about you, so will your selection of your video interview background.