Domino’s working overtime to Eliminate Pizza delivery drivers

Domino’s working overtime to Eliminate Pizza delivery drivers

Domino’s the once humble Ypsilanti, Michigan based pizza chain that leaned in heavily to ordering its pizza through all things technology that are not a phone has announced a pilot program to deliver pizzas without human being delivery drivers. Yes you read this correctly, the all time fall back job, or entry level job of having access to a vehicle and a drivers license to make money delivering pizzas is now in danger of going away.

So how are Domino’s going to get rid of delivery drivers?

Domino’s is using the Nuro delivery robot. It has been piloted at other high profile companies in trials like Kroger.

How did this work out for Kroger?

It appears that the Nuro experiment at Kroger is still working and for all intensive purposes appears to be a success. In fact they charge at the time of writing this $5.95 for Kroger grocery delivery by Nuro robot.

The upside for Kroger is that in years past they did not ever have grocery delivery at all, so in theory having Kroger employees picking the cart for the groceries and then filling the Nuro to deliver to customers is highly likely to be a job expanding role. Whereas Domino’s Pizza as relied on delivery of its own workforce for years. They can likely become more efficient with less employees and function more like a true pizza making factory in your local region. All without employees tied to the delivery of the pizza offering no value. Deployed at full scale it is more likely to be a net job destroyer at Domino’s pizza than companies that didn’t ever offer a delivery service.