Free Weekly Credit Check through COVID-19 Pandemic

Free Weekly Credit Check through COVID-19 Pandemic

Getting a credit check is pretty much a standard operating procedure for getting a higher end job these days.  So it is very important that you have a good idea of your financial picture that potential employers will surely be seeing.  Given the current economic situation of the COVID-19 Recession you’ll need every advantage you can get, so make sure you don’t have any miscellaneous credit issues before you apply for a job.

For a limited time during the COVID-19 Pandemic the service is giving free weekly credit reports.

free weekly credit reports

Where can I get a free annual credit report from?

There are 4 different major players in the credit industry Experian, Transunion, Equifax are the main credit reporting agencies.

The three credit agencies Experian, Transunion, Equifax, have teamed up with the Federal Trade Commission to offer users one free credit report per year.  The only place to get this free report is through

The fourth player Fair Issac is a specialized company that compiles your credit report information and creates a proprietary credit score that is based on an ever changing formula.  This score is commonly known as your FICO score. Keep in mind that the credit score given through any service other than FICO will be different than you might otherwise be expecting when you actually make the move to make a big ticket purchase like a vehicle or home mortgage because these types of loans almost exclusively use the FICO score which is different.

Bankrate and Quizzle free credit report services

Another personal favorite of ours was Quizzle which was purchased by They still have some free resources available to users through this link.

Why am I getting credit reports on myself again?

It is very important to have a credit check on yourself to ensure that there are not any errors that could make you look like an untrustworthy character because states like Michigan allow insurance companies to base their rates on your credit score. With the immense multi-billion dollar fraud seen across the United States with unemployment fraud the potential that someone has stolen your identity and taken out loans is higher than normal.

More information about credit checks and reports can be found at the FTC’s website here.

More information about credit checks and reports can be found at the FTC’s website here.