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The Quest to Kill the Resume

With the increasing focus on having a web presence and connecting with people in social networks liked Linkedin the quest to kill the resume is

Detroit Job Fair: Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is hosting another job fair in Detroit this Saturday, for those of you in the area they have also had a radio ad

Future careers exist in Energy

Politically we have been in an environment that we have been led to believe that many great job prospects will exist in Green Energy. Evidence

Job Seekers Need to be on Guard

With millions of job seekers out there in the United States there are no shortage of scam artists out there.  We’ve highlighted at least one

You Are Fired, (Do not reply all)

Aviva Investors accidentally sent an email informing that employees of the company were to be fired.  It only intended to fire one employee but the

Economic Pulse More People Quitting Jobs

In what has to be considered a relatively good sign that the labor market is strengthening for the first time in years more workers have

Conan O’Brien on Success

It’s about graduation time for many students and this little snippet from Conan O’Brien is one of the better ones on success and failure.  He

Job Fair: Metro Detroit April 18

For those of you seeking jobs in IT and Engineering fields there is a job fair April 18th at the Troy Marriott. View Larger Map