greenspan says growth is weak

First Quarter 2015 Hiring, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations

Towards the end of 2014 the United States economy  seemed to actually be firing up growth. The automotive industry had some major investment cycles that tend to have some positive and relatively far reaching impact. General economic outlook for 2015 according to the Federal Reserve Chairman of the go-go 1990’s Alan Greenspan said that while […]

Third Quarter 2015 Hiring, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations

Something that we haven’t tracked more or less because it hasn’t existed until the later part of this year is companies that are touting their pay, or even very publicly raising pay for employees. Typically out of fear that the labor market has become so competitive, or because they claim it helps create a better […]

July 2015 Job Numbers

The July job numbers made it out today.   The CNS is reporting that additionally the amount of people that are jobless is now at a 38 year low with 97 million people not working. That is a lot of people hanging out in Career Purgatory.

uber career purgatory

Uber “Contract” drivers ruled to be legal Employees of Uber

The ride sharing service Uber lost a major court battle today, with the judge ruling that the contract independent drivers for the company are in fact employees of Uber.  Typically Uber has all of its drivers paid in a 1099 form which reports earnings to the IRS for taxes. Drivers carry the responsibility to maintain […]

skynet is really taking your job

Robots are replacing your Job

We’ve highlighted it here before but if there was any doubt that robots are a force to be reckoned with this should help end it for you. Robots are really taking remedial tasks away from humans, and with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning programs with technology like IBM’s Watson Skynet is Really taking your […]

Brian Williams Iraq career purgatory
radioshack deathwatch career purgatory
Wet Seal Dayton, Ohio store closing closing

Wet Seal Store Closings Worker Purgatory

Wet Seal shocked a good amount of its staff in 2015 by announcing it was closing 338 stores and laying off 3,700 workers. Reading the signs posted in closed stores by old Wet Seal employees leads one to believe that the employees were somewhat skeptical, but completely milked by the corporate management teams to work […]

obama free community college career purgatory