Third Quarter 2014 Hirings, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations By The Numbers

2014 beings the year business as usual adding many new workers to Career Purgatory. Read about the First Quarter of 2014 here.  Second Quarter 2014 recap here.

One of the top news stories of the early third quarter is that one of the fad food trends cupcakes is looking close to dead with the collapse of Crumbs Bake Shop.  One of the more noticable trends is that of supposed technology companies cutting thousands of jobs this year.  Remember all the ones that your political representatives wanted to create in your region? Yea those companies just axed 48,000 jobs:

The good news is that the GDP is grew at an estimated 4%  in the second quarter which is much better than anyone had expected.


Volkswagen- Is going to build a new production plant in Tennessee and create 2,000 jobs along the way.


Crumbs Bake Shop – All locations of the publicly traded company are closed.  It had a peak of 200 full time employees and 650 part time employees.

 Amgen – the biotech company is closing 2 plants and will cut nearly 15% of its workforce which works out to about 2,900 jobs.

 World Wrestling Entertainment Inc – Announced that it was going to cut 7 percent of its workforce, or about 53 jobs based on the 762 employees WWE reported earlier in the year.

Cisco Systems – cutting 6,000 jobs which is about 8% of the global workforce.  In the last 5 years alone the company has cut 20,000 jobs.

Gannett Company – The media company laid off 10% (about 70 workers) of the USA Today group

Sears Holdings Corporation – The parent company of Kmart announced that it was closing 5 more locations in Michigan, Rochester, Madison Heights, Port Huron, Burton, and Flint locations will close.  Additionally 610 jobs will be lost in the closings.

Like this type of format? We’ve been doing it for a handful of years.

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No Raise for you (America)

The Great Recession didn’t leave everyone completely jobless.  Those that were able to stay in their employment bunkers and ride out the storm most like took pay cuts.  Many workers out that they eventually did in fact gain employment again have done so at lower pay rates.

Read more at the The Herald Business Journal

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Masco Corporation HQ layoff

Masco Corporation is cutting 40% of the headquarters staff or about 140 workers from it’s Taylor Michigan site.

Detroit News

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Maybe your name is holding you back

José’ dropped the S from his name and noticed that Joe got many more job interviews than his real name.

However our slight judgement here is not so much that José had to drop a letter from his name as much as only using Craigslist to get a job.  We have much better job search tools these days like Linkedin and

If you haven’t already give them a ride.

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TV News Reporter Quits Job on air, for pot

The reporter of Alaska’s KTVA announces that she’s the Alaskan Cannabis Club owner and then drops the F-bomb and walks off set, leaving her former co-worker stunned.

See the uncensored clip below.

In a resignation that could only be rivaled by that of Scarface in the stoner movie Half Baked, It would appear that she studied how to quit from the movie Half Baked.

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Research Your Next Employer

Desperate times call for desperate measures but sitting down and sending out resumes to every job posting is a bad idea. If you have ever gone fishing then obviously you are trying to catch a fish even if not a specific kind. Depending on your fishing hole you might catch some sea weeds or stereotypical boot.

It is essential that you research your next employer you are going to be applying with and not just blindly applying. There are 2 main reasons for this:

1) Avoid scams.

There is an immediate concern if you haven’t heard of the company or are unfamiliar with it.

This may sound funny but try a Google search with “employers name + scam” to see if the company is legitimate. Depending on what that yields you move onto looking for generic information on depending on the size of the company.

More info on avoiding hiring scams and how to spot a scam recruiter.

2) Any information you can get on an employer may help you land an interview, and help you again when you are at the interview.

Once you have decided with reasonable certainty this business is legitimate you start the real digging.

Part A: Why are they hiring?

Break it down further – Are they growing? Simply replacing retiring workforce, replacing lower cost workers etc?

Look for this info at Yahoo / Google finance if the company is publicly traded.

Part B: Are they international?

You may not be looking to travel overseas but this might help you determine if your US location is the headquarters or simply an afterthought.

Part C: What is the Job outlook at the company?

Is turnover really high? If you search for the company on the better business bureau does it look like the company is going down in flames? Can you find any employee commentary online?

If you can answer these 3 sub questions you can then figure out if it make sense to take an honest run at one of the job postings you found online.

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