Second Quarter 2014 Hirings, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations By The Numbers

2014 is off to a start with consolidations, plant closures, and layoffs.  2014 beings the year business as usual adding many new workers to Career Purgatory. Read about the First Quarter of 2014 here.

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Notable Second Quarter 2014 Layoffs

Coldwater Creek – A fashion retailer focused on women announced it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and close 12 stores in Michigan, and all stores nationally.

Al Jazeera America – The company that recently formed from its purchase of Al Gore’s TV network has announced that it is laying off workers.

Amcor Rigid Plastics – Letting 40 employees go in North Carolina operations.

United Airlines – Informed 430 employees of impending layoffs at the Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland Ohio.

Caterpillar Inc - cutting 60 workers in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Family Dollar – The discount retailer announced store closings and will also cut 135 jobs at Matthews headquarters.

Wayne Farms LLC – The company is cuttings the deboning lines at its Dothan facility, resulting in 560 layoffs.

Boeing – The aerospace company known for its Seattle Washington operations is moving 1,000 jobs to California.  Technically all employees in WA affected are to be laid off.  Some may be able to move to California.

Oshkosh – The company states that as a result of reduced defense spending it is reducing its workforce. Workers affected 760.

The Star-Ledger – New Jersey’s largest media property has over 300 layoffs.  The company runts Star-Ledger,, other Advance newspapers.  167 staffers or one third of the newspaper’s non-unionized employees  will lose their jobs.

A newsroom with positions including reporters, editors, photographers, videographers and support staff 40 positions will be cut one of these through attrition.


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Specs Howard to offer Michigan Employees scholarships

Specs Howard Michigan Business Scholarship

Specs Howard is looking to give employees in the State of Michigan $125,000 in scholarships.

Specs Howard offers year-long courses in graphic design, digital media arts and broadcast media arts, both in person and online.

Check out more at their website.

Cranes Business Detroit

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Over 250,000 College Graduates get only minimum wage jobs

college graduates get minimum wage jobs

In 2013 260,000 fresh college graduates were able to only get jobs that paid the Federal minimum wage or less $7.25 an hour.  To pay less than minimum wage one would assume the jobs were food service related like tipped waiters and waitresses.  This represents double the pre-Great Recession number of graduates that are only able to get minimum wage jobs after graduating from college.

A point that the article above does not mention is how long fresh college graduates are getting stuck in these minimum wage jobs or as we call it here Career Purgatory.

In some sense of being ironic President Barack Obama will talk about minimum wage increases to his target of $10.10 at the University of Michigan April 2, 2014.  Hopefully this new higher minimum wage is not a target than University of Michigan graduates are aspiring to earn.

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Connecticut first State to $10.10 minimum wage

Connecticut minimum wage increase

Connecticut is the first state to raise its minimum wage to the wage suggested by President Obama $10.10 per hour by the year 2017.

ABC News

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Creative Destruction Through the Ages

As time has gone on creative destruction has eliminated a few types of jobs over the years.  Take a tour through this photo gallery.

Just think of all the possibilities when Google takes its new robot capabilities to the workforce.

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City of Detroit Hiring This Saturday

The City of Detroit is looking to hire workers Saturday March 1st 2014.

So get out there and get a job. Pre-register for the event at the website here

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First Amendment lawsuit launched for Bus Driver

A bus driver who spoke out about a hungry student on Facebook was fired last year.  Now the ACLU is launching a lawsuit on his behalf.

What a random way to end up in Career Purgatory, for speaking your mind on non-work time.


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Detroit investments net 200 jobs

nothing stops detroit career purgatoryThis week Detroit got news that one of the top rated bars in the world HopCat which started in Grand Rapids (Beer City) Michigan will come to the City and add 100 jobs, and 130 beers on tap.

The Detroit Public Schools hosted a job fair to hire 100 Teachers.

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GoDaddy SuperBowl Quitting gimmick

GoDaddy the domain hosting company that usually has controversial Super Bowl commercials gave one new entrepreneur a lottery ticket of a way to quit her job.  A new website tie in on the Super Bowl.

It’d be nice if everyone got a handout like the one GoDaddy gave out on the Super Bowl.  Check out the story of Gwen.

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One Woman’s Career Purgatory

The Associated Press put together a profile of one woman who has been long term unemployed.

Check out this woman’s journey through Career Purgatory:

Yahoo News

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