Second Quarter 2014 Hirings, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations By The Numbers

2014 is off to a start with consolidations, plant closures, and layoffs.  2014 beings the year business as usual adding many new workers to Career Purgatory. Read about the First Quarter of 2014 here.

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Toyota Motor Company – The Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor is being expanded as part of the automakers reorganization.  The center should see another 250 employees in Michigan.

Meijer – The Michigan based grocery store is going to start building a second store located in the City of Detroit.  A sign that the city has life after all. Starting May 15 construction will commence on the project.

Notable Second Quarter 2014 Layoffs

Coldwater Creek – A fashion retailer focused on women announced it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and close 12 stores in Michigan, and all stores nationally.

Al Jazeera America – The company that recently formed from its purchase of Al Gore’s TV network has announced that it is laying off workers.

Amcor Rigid Plastics – Letting 40 employees go in North Carolina operations.

United Airlines – Informed 430 employees of impending layoffs at the Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland Ohio.

Caterpillar Inc - cutting 60 workers in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Family Dollar – The discount retailer announced store closings and will also cut 135 jobs at Matthews headquarters.

Wayne Farms LLC – The company is cuttings the deboning lines at its Dothan facility, resulting in 560 layoffs.

Boeing – The aerospace company known for its Seattle Washington operations is moving 1,000 jobs to California.  Technically all employees in WA affected are to be laid off.  Some may be able to move to California.

Oshkosh – The company states that as a result of reduced defense spending it is reducing its workforce. Workers affected 760.

The Star-Ledger – New Jersey’s largest media property has over 300 layoffs.  The company runts Star-Ledger,, other Advance newspapers.  167 staffers or one third of the newspaper’s non-unionized employees  will lose their jobs.

A newsroom with positions including reporters, editors, photographers, videographers and support staff 40 positions will be cut one of these through attrition.

VH1 – let 13 employees go in New York.

ConAgra – The companies Batesville Arkansas plant is laying off 250 workers. Is laying off 130 workers at its St. Louis plant.


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Where are the workers?

It’s not been a completely hidden effect of the Great Recession that the workforce has not recovered a healthy amount of jobs. 

Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at the figures.

Bloomberg Businessweek: The Great Shrinking Workforce.
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Reid Hoffman’s take on Hiring

One of the founders of Linkedin Reid Hoffman has a new book that is now out about how employers and employees should look at their relationship.  He’s suggesting a pretty radical change to the status quo.

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Food Kiosks that replace $15 an hour workers exist

We’ve been pointing out the technology that will and in fact already is replacing minimum wage workers particularly in the food service industry. It isn’t a coincidence that some of these devices are more productive than real workers. It makes the Fight for $15 crowd look very expensive.


The casual food chain Chili’s has been putting food kiosk ordering stations at the guest tables and they also make more money from patrons.

The Motor City Casino in Detroit also has these type of kiosks.  McDonald’s also have these at some locations. The issue goes to highlight an important lesson in business everyone is replaceable.

Even major league sports teams are using Kiosks to replace bartenders.

Read more about how efficient these kiosks are.

The Atlantic

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The Machines are after your McJob

fight for $15 workers replacement

As all of the news about the Fight for $15 has been dominating the news for months.  Workers last week protested worker pay at the McDonald’s shareholder meeting, workers in food service jobs will need to watch out for their McJob’s as companies like Momentum Machines are looking to turn the labor market upside down again.

The boldly claim that:

Guess what? They are right.  See how they are looking to cut out one of the costliest ingredients of your Combo meal at Skynet is Real.

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Michigan Minimum Wage will be $9.25 by 2018

michigan minimum wageMichigan’s Governor Snyder signed Senate Bill 0934 (2014) into law that will see Michigan’s Minimum wage set at $9.25 per hour by 2018. Check out how your legislator voted in Michigan here.

A couple of other minimum wage efforts are still making their way one is The Raise Michigan Coalition that is looking to get the minimum wage at President Obama’s goal of $10.10 per hour for both tipped and hourly workers.

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