I’m Unemployed Now What

Laid off check list.

Take a breath, it is going to be okay.

Yes we know it is a crazy time. But this will work out. If it helps you feel better, you are not the only one, far from it. See more about how many people you are in company with.

Do everything you can do to pass a drug test

Stop doing recreational drugs like marijuana, and if you smoke or use nicotine, you should work diligently to quit as employers are trying to keep health insurance costs low, they are excluding nicotine users from hiring and it is completely legal to do so. States like Texas can legally drug test you for unemployment benefits; so you’ll need to do this first.

File For Unemployment Benefits

File for unemployment with your respective state agency. Extensive Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency guides located here.

Figure out Insurance benefit options

Determine if you need to opt for COBRA insurance coverage if you old employer had insurance you were on don’t know what the hell COBRA is? Read about it here in English.

You might be able to shop around for a private gap emergency health insurance plan cheaper.

Build or rebuild your resume

Use your new resume to start looking and applying to new jobs

Google Yourself

Google yourself, yes make sure you don’t have bad results popping up a a simple Google search. If you do, start finding ways to fix this before you get too wrapped up in the job search.

Credit check

Get a free credit check to make sure that you don’t have any surprises.

This is important as many employers for higher paying jobs, or jobs handling money need to know that you are not so indebted you’ll be likely to steal, or can be responsible with company assets like a company car, company credit card. Plus if you find credit issues, you now have some free time to sort these issues out, and it will save you money down the line.

Cut off unnecessary expenses

If you can tolerate not having cable TV, go for it. If your ritual was to go out for lunch or a fancy coffee every day, stop it. During the COVID-19 pandemic a good tip is to consider having your insurance company informed you are no longer driving you typical work commute miles, and possibly reducing to simple fire and theft coverage if at all possible.

We have a post on where to get started for free or discounted medications, and assorted discounts, and freebies for entertainment and assorted services.

Start networking

If you haven’t already, or never thought you needed too before. Sign up for LinkedIn, ask friends and family for job leads, and referrals and references. Take the time to job proof your Twitter profile if your real name is attached to it.

401k Roll-Over

If you had a 401K account work to roll this over into an account that is in your control. Do this while you have the downtime of not having a job.

Start a new Routine

Do you find yourself getting bored?

Get in shape. Yes really, for the short term you are going to be lacking a proper routine, while COVID-19 is in full force there are a ton of YouTube workout from home ideas you can check out. When the virus clears get a cheap gym membership like Planet Fitness, or you know actually use the gym membership you’ve been paying for but never going too.

Your number one job is now taking care of yourself. Losing weight if you have weight to lose is a confidence booster, confident job hunters will get the job, and employers subconsciously or even openly don’t like hiring out of shape, slobby looking employees.

Investigate a Gig-Job

Look into a gig-job like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Shipt, Postmates, paid dog walking. In most cases you can work a part time job, and still collect unemployment benefits (albeit at a lower benefit payout rate) but it does ultimately pay you more.

Slack off


Seriously it’s okay to slack off a bit. We suggest you start by checking out the thousand plus strong unique vanity license plates that our partner Busted Ride has been tracking. Better yet, they are posting new plates every single day for 2020! Just like the driver above, we all need work right now. Stay strong everyone.