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The Other type of Job Freelancer

Naturally as large employers try to keep their labor headcounts low the overflow work needs to get completed.  More than ever before this is going

14 Companies in Michigan to Hire 4,590 workers

Michigan’s Governor Snyder announced that 14 companies will be expanding and hiring up to 4,590 workers.  Many are automotive related, and a surprising move from

Job Market Still Tough in 2013

It is only the beginning of 2013 but that doesn’t change how competitive the labor market is. Thousands of people will still show up to

Fighting Wage Theft

Nothing is worse than being stuck in Career Purgatory and finally getting a job, but having unfair labor practices literally stealing from you. Not paying

Farwell 2013

For many of you 2013 was marginally better than 2012, and most likely not much better than just before The Great Recession.  Lets take a