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MI Shifting Gears Program

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation or MEDC is hosting a program that it calls Shifting Gears to help people change their careers in Michigan. This

Stock Up on College Text Books

Here are some deals for those of you that are heading back to school over the summer or the lucky ones that know what textbooks

Use Your Alumni Career Counselor

Typically colleges and universities offer a career counselor or adviser for current students and alumni.  If you have a degree most likely you’ve paid tens

Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook’s facial recognition system is probably not good for you if you hope to land a new job. Not only is the system creepy but

Twitter Job Search HireFriday

Remember how we told you that Twitter can help you land a job? Here is another way to utilize Twitter for your job search. HireFriday

Those Job Postings Aren’t Real

Something that isn’t terribly shocking to many is that often those great job postings are not real.  They are simply trolling for talent that comes