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The Clinton Fix For the Economy

Former President Bill Clinton has been running around with his take on the economy.  It surprising seems to have fallen through the cracks.  A few

Funny: Need To Be More Attentive

When working at the gas station I have always encountered interesting people. If you’ve read any of the other stories you would know this by

La Z Boy Doesn’t Like Unemployed Workers

I have seen many articles that call out how discriminatory employers are regarding being an unemployed worker.  Some reference how job postings will say plain

Rep. Rosa DeLauro Interview on CNBC

The author of H.R. 2501 Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011 was interviewed on CNBC see what she had to say about her bill for

DIA Free Sunday’s For Metro Detroiters

Since we like to highlight on occasion some free stuff that people (particularly of the unemployed variety) can do we wanted to highlight the Detroit