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Judging by the flurry of Google users we’ve found there are a typical set of questions that unemployed folks are looking for.  My goal is to make that search for your answer even easier than I’ve made it in the past.  Sadly the Michigan’s own MARVIN pages contain little information that is actually helpful to […]

Displaced Workers Guidebook is mostly useless

I’m not entirely sure why this hulking “Displaced Workers Guidebook” (I guess that is the politically correct term for unemployed folks), was making the rounds on Fox 2 today since it is filled mostly with broken links, and offers no real solutions for anyone that is unemployed.  It is from the office of John Dingell […]

Unemployment help in the flesh

In the event that you have missed a MARVIN certification I have already outlined some solutions for you regarding how to handle this debacle via the phone.  Another outlet for handling any unemployment issue regarding certifications, pay amount etc. can be handled in person at designated Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) branch locations, the UIA calls […]

You missed a MARVIN certification, now what?

If you miss a MARVIN certification or your weekly MARVIN call, and aren’t sure what to expect; buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride.  There are two scenarios the first one is that you will not get paid for the period you missed (most likely two weeks), the other is that you will […]