Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Q&A Videos

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Question and Answer Videos

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray has been on quite the video question and answer spotlight recently. We’ve started to embed these on this page here hopefully this helps some people with their Michigan Unemployment Insurance benefit claims. We also have a pretty good compilation of unemployment insurance questions which can find on our Michigan MARVIN FAQ.

UIA Director Steve Gray Q&A on Tuesday, April 21

A more to the point video with a lot of questions can be viewed right here as well.

Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray answers your questions. Visit Michigan.gov/UIA for additional frequently asked questions and resources.
Index of Q&A with hot links to questions of interest.
1:28 – Can you the issues with not getting responses back from messages, chat or phone?
2:50 – Can you spend some time explaining the different terms we see in our accounts and what to do about them? Open Non-Monetary Monetary Determination (Re) Determination Additional Claim Required Pending Adjudication
9:27 – When our PUA applications are being reviewed will our previous denied unemployment claims be reviewed as well, possibly with a changed determination? 10:26 – Why has the PUA application not updated yesterday like you said it would?
12:39 – I sent messages through MiWAM. How long does it take for someone to respond?
13:45 – If I finally got all issues resolved and got my benefit payments should I feel confident the next time I certify all will be fine?
14:50 – If I don’t have the tab to claim my weeks, should I call?
15:43 – My account will not allow me to submit my documentation, what should I do?
16:30 – Do we still certify if our PUA is pending?
17:28 – What else is needed to address non-monetary issues?
17:56 – What do you do if a previous employer has a pending adjudication?
18:56 – I am showing additional claim required, even though I received two issues corrected with redetermination approval letters. What do I need to do now?
19:16 – I’m having trouble getting an authentication code, what should I do?
20:02 – How long does it take for non-monetary issues to be resolved? Do I need to provide anything?
20:58 – I claimed my weeks with MARVIN and I still haven’t received any benefits. If I still don’t receive anything before it’s time to claim again what should I do?
21:44 – Once we go back to work will we still get benefits that we haven’t received when we filed in March?
22:26 – Why are you giving former employers so long to respond?
23:08 – Is it true that owners of self-employed companies will only be receiving the $600 and not regular unemployment (such as licensed in-home daycares and siding companies)?
24:38 – What does it mean when it says approved but zero pay?
25:09 – How long is it taking to process PUA applications for self-employed people?
25:49 – What does seeking work waiver mean?
26:31 – What does Issue/Decision Type (Filing) mean? Status: Opened-Add Additional Docs?
27:33 – I have a previous claim with only 7 week left on it, do I need to resubmit something to get the extra weeks?
28:22 – Why does certification status say “Not registered with MI Works” I’m self-employed, wasn’t this supposed to be waived?
29:25 – Can you all just wave these open non-monetary issues?

On April 29, 2020 The Detroit News hosted Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency director Steve Gray talks about benefits and issues and answers reader questions with Craig Mauger.

UIA Director Steve Gray Q&A on Wednesday, April 29


Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray answers your questions. Visit Michigan.gov/UIA for additional frequently asked questions and resources.

Index of Q&A with hot links to questions of interest.

00:16 – Can we please get help with “stop payment indicator”

01:04 – I made more than 1.5 times the WBA so I did not qualify for the $160 or $600 for the last 5 weeks, even though I normally make significantly more from work than I am now. Is there anything I can do?

02:48 – My Non-Monetary Issue Detail says Status: No Misrep Determination Issue. Issue: Misrepresentation. What does that mean?

Answer: Check out our guide on more information on this error.

03:54 – What is the Open Non-Monetary Issue?

06:42 – How do you fix a disqualification week issue, they’ve sent no letters to tell us why

09:28 – I was denied state benefits but approved for PUA, I’ve certified for 6 weeks and keep getting ineligible weeks. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

10:27 – I did not originally prove my income for the PUA and now I did. It has been in “processing” for the last week. Does that mean I was not approved for more than the $160 or is it still not decided? I am not sure on how to know.

12:04 – As a 1099 insurance benefit broker, I am restricted from meeting with employer groups and clients in person. However, I have existing income coming in from business on the books prior to the pandemic. Do I have to report those earnings?

12:42 – How long do you expect it to take for a response to a message on MiWAM?

14:04 – I had to certify 6 weeks, 3 were approved and paid, 3 were rejected but all were the same answers. I received an email saying to recertify but the weeks are not in my account to be recertified.

15:12 – If I have earnings of 1.5x my state weekly benefit as a 1099/self employed, do I still get the $600 federal portion?

15:45 – pension affect UIA?

16:59 – What is “Additional Claim Required” when you don’t have additional claims to make or you already made them?

18:20 – How about people who are out of weeks but still within their benefit year? Just hit week 26!

19:56 – Do you have a specific order for which you are reviewing cases I personally have not been helped for a month now

21:43 – SELF EMPLOYED with DISQUALIFICATION WEEKS on and APPROVED PUA claim. Please advise if this is being addressed system-wide or if we need to call in for a unique resolve with a rep.

22:31 – I have been waiting 7 weeks. Approved for PUA and now all the weeks I have certified are ineligible. Need help!

23:06 – I applied March 31st, when I log in is just says claim is processing. What should I do next?

24:06 – I am being furloughed one week a month for April, May and June and am eligible for unemployment for these weeks. Do I just waive the weeks I receive my regular wage?

24:43 – How do we stop UI if we get called back ..so we can avoid open claims if we have to go back on

25:41 – Is FPUC only for certain people?

26:19 – What does a “disqualification week” mean on a PUA?

27:04 – I must have accidentally said I will be receiving retirement benefits/pension during my furlough, when I first filed my claim. How do I simply say I’m not receiving retirement so I can get my benefits? I can’t get ahold of anyone.

28:25 – What does it mean when it says “Certification for this week was waived”?

29:12 – My pay has been cut by 25% and I can telework from home full time. It appears I am eligible for PUA and if so, how do I answer the following certification question about being back to work full-time? Would this cause complications with receiving payment?

UIA Director Steve Gray Q&A on Thursday, May 7

Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray answers your questions. Visit Michigan.gov/UIA for additional frequently asked questions and resources.

00:38 – I exceeded 1.5 on one of my weeks for PUA. Now all of my weeks say ineligible. What should I do?

01:52 – I have had an open non-monetary issue since roughly March 20th. Now that this new emergency order is in place, how fast should we expect to receive benefits if the issue was regarding a job we previously had?

3:00 – I have a PUA claim that began on 3/13. The first 6 weeks of my claim are “DISQUALIFICATION WEEK,” and the last two weeks of my claim are paid. Will I be paid for those 6 weeks?

4:08 – When will PUA income verification be processed? 160$ isn’t cutting it. Is that not a priority?

5:07 – I got paid for the last weeks but why do I have disqualification weeks on the previous 6 weeks? And will I get that back pay?

5:48 – I certified but says additional claim required. how do I file an additional claim? There is no option.

6:52 – I applied for UI and was denied for lack of earnings. I filed a protest and submitted more info. In the meantime, a link came up telling me to apply for PUA which I did. I certified for PUA on April 20th and received 2 weeks of benefits. When I tried to re-certify for PUA this Monday, my account says “payment stopped” and a “go green” notification that my UI application has now been approved but I have nowhere to certify for UI. So now I can’t claim either; any advice would be great.

7:55 – I moved out of the State of Michigan to take a job for better income. My base wage employer is in Michigan so I filed in Michigan. UIA of Michigan marked my status as Voluntary Quit Personal reasons because I did not start working for a Michigan Employer. I have not worked my rework requirements according to the State of Michigan – I am stuck in Pending Fact Finding – is this new order going to help me?

8:52 – If I have a current full time job but also worked as a gig worker to supplement for almost half of my income. Can I apply for unemployment for the gig worker portion of my income even though I still have a full time job, but it doesn’t cover all of my expenses?

9:38 – I was approved for 39 weeks PUA but my certifications said ineligible week. How long will it take since I was advised to file a protest?

10:55 – Why would someone receive a letter requesting a record of work search during this time? Work search is supposed to be waived.

12:02 – As a follow up to the question about non-monetary issues, if I currently have no problem with my current employer separation will I potentially run into a new problem or will I have no issues going forward?

12:50 – I applied and got approved. Every time I certify, the past 4 weeks, it tells me “based on deductions your payment amount is zero”. What does this mean?

13:30 – If you own a business but are also an employee of your business, does it affect your claim? I applied after the April 4th but I got accepted for regular unemployment, and never got the chance the apply for PUA, will that affect me? i am self employed but never got denied to even apply for the PUA which is for self employed?

14:18 – Have an open UIA – 5 weeks denied – certified on May 4th that says completed. have the PUA option – should I do the PUA? I worked 36 years and left the company and started my own business.

15:20 – In the new order. How long will it take for everyone’s Non monetary issues to get waived and receive payment. Also, the employer I was laid off from, I was there 5 weeks. Prior to that I was on maternity leave. Will I still be eligible for UI if you’re only going based on my lay off job?

15:50 – Realtors are permitted to return to work today. Does this mean they will not be eligible for unemployment? It may take weeks for agent to receive a commission. 17:15 – How should we answer when certifying whether or not we are willing to change their schedule to find work?

17:57 – How often are benefits paid?

18:30 – How to fix wrong dependents on PUA?

19:10 – I’m a photographer and own my own business. the pandemic has caused me to have no income. I filed for PUA and every week that I’ve certified says “Disqualification Week”?

20:28 – My claim went from non monetary to not eligible. Now what.?

21:34 – Will the new order release non-mon issues?

22:05 – If you go back to work but don’t get paid until 2 weeks after how do you report this in the certification?

23:18 – Can you update your withholding?

23:48 – If we asked for a debit card can we change to direct deposit?

24:36 – I filed a protest 2 weeks ago and it says processing. How long should I expect to wait?

25:16 – Going back to work, how do I stop claiming benefits?

26:46 – I have 4 weeks of certifications that say “Additional Claim Required” I have no alerts telling what to do.

27:33 – How is the PUA calculated?

28:20 – What do I do if I haven’t received my debit card.

28:55 – What’s payment reversed mean?

This didn’t answer my question? Well check out our Michigan MARVIN FAQ guide, where we can point you in many more detailed areas of assistance.