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skynet is really taking your job

Robots are replacing your Job

We’ve highlighted it here before but if there was any doubt that robots are a force to be reckoned with this should help end it

united states no wage increases

No Raise for you (America)

The Great Recession didn’t leave everyone completely jobless.  Those that were able to stay in their employment bunkers and ride out the storm most like

jose to joe to get a job

Maybe your name is holding you back

José’ dropped the S from his name and noticed that Joe got many more job interviews than his real name. However our slight judgement here

Research Your Next Employer

Desperate times call for desperate measures but sitting down and sending out resumes to every job posting is a bad idea. If you have ever

Quit Your Job App

This is a little dated at this point but like all web coinsures I was digging through some old bookmarks of items I saved across