A Look Back At 2010

Since it is officially the start of a New Year we figured we’d recap our most popular articles for you as well as our personal favorites.

Career Purgatory’s Most Viewed Articles of 2010:

  1. Funny: I’m psychic… or so I’m told (part one)
  2. You missed a MARVIN certification, now what?
  3. Michigan MARVIN F.A.Q.
  4. Funny: You Mean You Don’t Bathe In The Employee Sink
  5. Unemployment help in the flesh
  6. Multi-Level Marketing Schemes
  7. The Bankruptcy Of Blockbuster, Is A Big Deal.
  8. Funny: I’m psychic… or so I’m told (part two)
  9. Decoding The True Unemployment Rate
  10. A Saga of No Worker Left Behind

Our personal favorite articles in no particular order are:

Funny Stories:

  1. Funny: Seriously… AARP won’t even cover the damage you old fool
  2. Funny: Too bad the can didn’t hit him in the face!
  3. Under The Radar Celebrity in Career Purgatory

Serious educational slanted:

  1. Decrease your cost of college textbooks

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