Third Quarter 2015 Hiring, Firings, Layoffs, Resignations

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Something that we haven’t tracked more or less because it hasn’t existed until the later part of this year is companies that are touting their pay, or even very publicly raising pay for employees. Typically out of fear that the labor market has become so competitive, or because they claim it helps create a better product.


Currently there are not any mass hiring events being touted.  However the burrito giant Chipotle is saying it may hire 4,000 workers.


Walmart – The company is rumored to be cutting up to 1,000 workers.

Keurig Green Mountain Coffee – The company that famously brought extraordinary waste to home brew coffee, has now announced it will axe 200 jobs in Vermont, and over 300 globally in total blaming flat sales.

Michigan Economic Development Corp – Ironically the Michigan Economic Development Corp is facing lower budget, and is warning that layoffs may be coming.

Bass Pro Shops – Company is cutting 500, sending its old workforce out fishing for new work (sorry we couldn’t resist).

Tyson Food – Closed an Iowa plant affecting 400 workers.

Motorola Mobility – Cutting 500 jobs in Chicago. Anybody remember that time that Google bought and then abandoned Motorola?

A&P – The parent company of many local grocery stores is warning about laying off 28,000 workers putting the company up for sale in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. – The .com 2.0 web bubble isn’t going well for everyone. 600 employees are expected to be laid off by the end of the quarter.

CenturyLink – cutting 1,000 jobs across the company.

McDonald’s – The Oak Brook Illionis headquarter cut 135 jobs.

Walter Energy – cutting 194 jobs and putting 545 more on notice of being on the chopping block.


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